Bianco Luminous - Back-lit illuminated Wall Tiles


These are the most beautiful and most preferred stones when it comes to interior designing. It gives a lustrous and radiant look to walls and enhances the ambience. They are majorly used for stone cladding. This idea of stone cladding has been fashioned by amalgamation of processing of the three dimensional surface of the marble, designate proper and suitable designs and patterns, and last but not the least, by painstaking research of variety of illuminating techniques used for the illuminating feature of the marble stone or Bianco luminous. The most important and fascinating feature if this bianco luminous is that, the fluorescent light source used in it is separate for each and every module used in it, just to make sure that the back lighting is uniform, unwavering and undeviating throughout the wall. So that the aesthetic result is impeccable and multiple decorative uses are possible. The stone cladding of Bianco Luminous even without the back light, gives a strong impact and even create the quintessential impression glamour when grazing lights and back light are merged together. It even inflates the facade of the design, revealing every little detail of cut work, design, the thickness, and the slope (if any), highlighting the multiplicity of the worked surfaces. The result: fascinating, novel and surprising luminous and ornamental effects, to satisfy the needs of both architects and interior designers.
Another feature that makes Bianco Luminous one of the most preferred stone is that, it is durable and non-porous, which means no sealant is required, Hence, making it very easy and convenient to maintain as compared to the other solid stone work surfaces. This engineered stone bianco luminous is 95% raw quartz mixed with other materials such as resins, polymers, and dyes which result in the formation of most durable and non-scratch surface.

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